Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Love affair with Saga Records

My love affair with the saga records sixties sound happened over 20 years ago a when a friend of a friend had done a mix tape featuring some of the saga groups off Swinging London as well as pop sike gems like Happy Castle by Crochet Donut Ring and KidRock's Ice Cream Man from the Bam Caruso Rubble Series and that I suppose changed my outlook on music and opened up a whole new world of sounds,it was like nothing I had heard of before and I was hooked.

As far as I know the label originally released brass,bossa nova cover versions and that sorta thing and the records where not usually on sale in record stores...instead they had them on rails in chemists and newsagents...not sure why but thats what I read somwhere.

The music although slightly amateur just has a really quirky appeal that I can't explain.

First off I came across the swinging london compilations (I love the Artwork) these are a must have and came out around 1972 ish (When Swinging London was no more) both of these are just so cool and feature the likes off Russ Sainty,The Good Earth and The First Impression there is a slight variation in tracklistings this was down to Mungo Jerrys contractual obligations so he was replaced by Russ Sainty.

Next up I found the Katch 22 album Pop Rock and Allsorts which has a cool prototype Stone Roses style sleeve and later found Russ Sainty's Beatle covers LP and to top it of got The Beat Club by The First Impression...I am unsure why my fascination with SAGA records is still so strong but it just is, thanks SAGA Records.

I will do a pic of them all together one of the days I pasted these off the net : )

Here's my prized email from Russ Sainty
Hi Jason,
Thank you so much for your contact and kind words.
Yes its quite ironic really, since the origional recording session i did when doing those Beatles numbers has been used in so many different ways, and on different Albums, and in all have sold millions of copies all over the world, however, i was not able to get a hit with the many singles i did through the sixties. The sad thing for me is, that i only took a small fee for doing the six hour recording session, rather than a royalty ???? Oh dear, " yes i have regreted that, as you can imagin.
Did you know i have recently had my life story published ?
Its called " KING OF THE CALI " "A Lifetime In Rock n Roll", by Russ Sainty. Its published by or can be ordered from any book shop, or via the net on Amazon Books. Its a quality book with around 250 photo etc. etc. its nostalgic and im told by feed back , a very interesting read !!
Thanks again Jason for your contact,
my very best wishes
Still Rockin !!! Russ Sainty

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