Tuesday, April 14, 2009

45 rpm The The - The Singles Collection

The The 45 RPM Compilation of Singles and Remixes...so good it hurts!
Listening to the remixes is weird as the originals are so ingrained in my mind from my childhood it was difficult at first to get my ears around them, so you may need to play them a few times and recondition your ear drums a little bit.

The album is well worth a listen hope you enjoy it.

Disc one
1. Uncertain Smile (Original version)
2. Perfect (Original version)
3. Sweet Bird Of Truth
4. Infected
5. Heartland
6. Armageddon Days (are here again)
7. The Beat(en) Generation
8. Dogs of Lust
9. Slow Emotion Replay
10. Love is Stronger than Death
11. This is the Day
12. I Saw the Light
13. December Sunlight
14. Pillar Box Red
15. Deep Down Truth

Disc two
1. Uncertain Smile (12 remix)
2. Perfect (12 remix)
3. Sweet Bird of Truth (12 remix)
4. Infected (12 remix)
5. Armageddon Days (are here again) (12 remix)
6. Violence of Truth (12 remix)
7. Gravitate to Me (12 remix)
8. Dogs of Lust (12 remix)



Anonymous said...

really wanted these. but they're in fucking rapidshare. mediafire people c'mon.

Anonymous said...

Damn, this is hard to track down! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks So Much for The The!!
Great "band"!!!