Thursday, November 30, 2006

Charlatans Birmingham Academy Nov 2006

What can I say last night I was blown away by the sheer power of the Charlatans they rock !!
Been a big fan of these boys since back in the day and they are undoubtably the most underated band ever ever ever but hey who cares.
Kicking of the singles tour with the outstanding Forever,they bashed out the back catalogue with ferocity and assurance and almost a sense of pride..older tracks like indian rope,sproston green and wierdo seemed to shine as the boys kept stepping it up a gear.
If you haven't seen Tim and Co live its a must see..hand on heart they are one of the best live acts on planet earth and they just get better and better The Charlatans I salute You !!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Psychedelic Radio from Swinging London

Beamed direct from Swinging London Town this is the net radio station that Russ Sainty and the saga records crew like to bust some moves to !
Playing a host of beat favourites from The Stones right through a psych spectrum of obscure 60's unknows that will keep those hips shaking and toes tapping for hours.

You can find the site at

As well as the radio it will also turn your head to an enviable list of featured artists and info...see you there.."at the love in" !!

Coney Island Cyclone.....Ride Ride Ride !!!

Ever ridden the world famous Cyclone at astroland...?
When next in NYC take an MTA train to Coney Island..the place itself is pretty run down which is a bit sad really but don't let that put you off..after the ride cross over the road to Nathans home of the world hot dog munching championship for a hot dog and a cool beer links below..with a Cyclone blog.

Cyclone Facts and figure

In the period since it first opened on June 26, 1927, the Cyclone has emerged as the outdoor amusement industry's most famous, most influential, and most copied individual ride.
Brothers Jack and Irving Rosenthal commissioned Vernan Keenan to design, and Harry C. Baker to construct, a monumental wooden-tracked twister, which was forced to be exceptionally tight and steep because of the small ground space that was available to them. Construction then began on a site historically significant in the world of roller coasters -- the Cyclone occupies the space, which contained the world's very first roller coaster, LaMarcus A. Thompson's Switchback Railway, as well as the world's first successful looping roller coaster, Loop The Loop. With power supplied by the Eisenberg Brothers of Brooklyn, signs from Menheimer and Weiss of New York City, steel from the National Bridge Company, also of New York City, and lumber from Cross, Austin & Ireland, located in Long Island City, the Cyclone quickly became Coney Island's number one attraction, a status it maintains to this day.

When the Rosenthal Brothers left Coney Island to operate their newest property, Palisade Amusement Park, they turned over the operation of the Cyclone to Chris Feuchts, who lovingly maintained and ran the ride for decades. Eventually, ownership of Cyclone was acquired by the City of New York, and it was operated by the City's Parks Department.

On June 18, 1975, Dewey and Jerome Albert, owners of Astroland Park, received authorization to operate the Cyclone under a leasing agreement with New York City. The Alberts had teams of carpenters and iron workers completely rehabilitate the ride, which reopened to great fanfare on July 1st of that year. Since that time, Astroland Park has invested millions of dollars in the upkeep of the Cyclone -- today, it probably runs better than it did on the day it opened, and has the highest safety standards in the outdoor amusement industry.

The Cyclone has consistently ranked at or near the top of every roller coaster top ten list published. It has been proclaimed the world's greatest by a broad spectrum of media institutions and roller coaster aficionados. Time Magazine quoted Charles Lindbergh as saying that a ride on the Cyclone was more thrilling than his historic first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Emilio Franco, a mute since birth, regained his voice on the Cyclone, uttering his first words ever -- "I feel sick"! In April 2001, singer Nikki Lauren became the first person ever to present a live musical performance in the Cyclone's historic loading station.

An official New York City Landmark since July 12, 1988, Cyclone was listed in the New York State Register of Historic Places on June 31, 1991. National Historic Landmark status followed, on June 26, 1991. On April 14, 1992, Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden issued a citation to Jerome Albert and the late Dewey Albert for their operation of both Astroland and the Cyclone, saluting them for being the primary energizing force in the regeneration of the Coney Island Amusement District.

The Cyclone, now faster than ever, is the heart and soul of Coney Island, birthplace of the American amusement industry, and going strong for over 150 years!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Saturday Stereo IN S-t-E-r-E-O


Black Belt Jones HHHHHAAA YAA !!

Just been watching black belt jones tonight.. I hadn't seen it for ages and it is a super funny blaxploitation film..loads of stupid one liners,cheesy kung fu moves and a funky soundtrack..what more do you need..Jim Kelly he is the Man !!

The Mafia learns that a new civic center will be built, and they buy all of the land for the site of the building—all except for one place: a karate school owned by Pop Byrd (Scatman Crothers). They arrange to have Pinky (Malik Carter) come by to force Pop to sell his land, but he is killed by them. It's up to the karate school's students to get the hero, Black Belt Jones (Jim Kelly), for help. Sydney (Gloria Hendry), the daughter of the late Pop Byrd, won't sell the building. Because both of them are martial arts experts, they join forces to "clobber the mob".

Guggenheim NYC

Super artists including jackson pollock an up and coming new painter p.picasso and the amazing english based architect Zaha Hadid showcasing her works to date..really space age designs, the building alone is a must see and it can be found across central park opposite national history museum...enjoy.

Times Square USA and The Naked Cowgirl too.

Times Square USA, busy,bright and worth a visit makes Piccadilly London look like Rotherham.
Check out the Ha! comedy club..girls go free, fellas $5's a ticket (bargain)and are on sale right next to TGI fridays Times Square.

Hulbert Waldrup USA TopMan !!

Check out this artists website,met him in soho nyc and his paintings are fantastic..your apartment needs one of these masterpieces from the "Artist with Attitude", Top Man!

Bangkok Let It Rock-Bed Supper Club possibly the best house music club on planet earth..amazing sound system..check out thursday night "i love rehab",this is where I first heard princess superstars pop your pussy remix by dj's are not rockstars dropped by the futon dj's..incredible builder,techy squealchy,electo popper..worth tracking down...go there and love rehab !!


New York city 7 o'clock
Giving it up for the vintage look
Listening to the radio asking
What's the deal boys
We're into the wild unknown
A freakshow
A place we call home

We don't need to educate
We only want to stay up late
Looking for these broken joints
Take in a peepshow?
We need to be told the reason
We're all being sold

New York... say what!
I love you, I tell you,
There's no need to stop!
There's no need to stop!

Underground counter culture
Eat you up like a hungry vulture
Look at you half alive
Like Dr Jeckal and Mr Hyde
You'll never see what I seen
You do last night

New York... say what!
I love you, I tell you,
There's no need to stop!
There's no need to stop!
There's no need to..

New York City 7 o'clock
Giving it up for the vintage look underground
I love this raps
It's now or never
A reason to live
A reason to die

New York... say what!
I love you, I tell you,
There's no need to stop
There's no need to stop
There's no need to..

We all need to be told
We all need to be told (why)
We all need to be told

James Brown-git down !!

Meet the coolest Pooch !!

This is Antione the baby Lhasa Apso,making his first appearance on the world wide web..lets make him a star !!

Maybe a ltd run of antoine t-shirts if theres enough interest and maybe a cd of Scott Walker cover versions.

The Hong Kong Phooey Street Band.....

Currently the finest unsigned girl band in Hong Kong..the sound is a mixture of shonen knife meets pizzacto five somebody please sign this duo up Now !!


Click here to get your own player.

Check out these cool downloadable mixes from funkylondon they are top drawer,just click play,turn up that volume, all 5 mixes are very good indeed and can be saved to your mp3 without a problem and the sound quality is crispy.
Track of the day being played here(on continuous loop)is the plump dj's - electric disco remixed by d.ramirez..electrotech squelchness.. heard it droped in an amazing set by DJ Jon Slater this man is rockin' and shockin'!!
I will be putting some links so you can listen to his PODCAST's very soon.
Know of any good links PODCASTS etc pass them on by submitting them here.

New Yorks Finest Artist....

Hello Big Bad World !!

Hello everyone around the globe welcome to my Blog..whats it all about I hear you ask..?

The idea is simple really to share music,ideas,travel,art,links to cool sites anything that me or anyone else might find useful.

My interests include all of the above and if you would like to contribute your ideas,opinions and make this thing grow then feel free to have your say.