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Some Images of Nancy Sinatra ♡

Defiantly one of the most iconic 60's female pop singers in my humble opinion so I thought I would post some pics I like.
I will post up some albums soon for your listening pleasure.

The In-Kraut - Hip Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1966-1974

I don't know alot about these comps and I have not even heard them yet to be honest haha, but it looks like it is right up my street!
There are 3 volumes in total and I am just waiting on permission to use links to all three here's some blurb below and hopefully all 3 will be up here in a short space of time.

An amazing selection of German grooves from the 60s through to the early 70s.
There’s so many albums you wait an age for which inevitably let you down, then albums come from nowhere and knock you out. Such is the case with ‘The In-Kraut’, appropriately sub-titled ‘Hip Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1966-1974’.

When you think of German music past, it’s hard to get past Kraftwerk and hair rock. But like all cultures, if you go past the obvious and scrape the surface, there’s some great stuff hidden down below. I first heard album opener ‘From Here On It Got Rough’ by Hildegard Knef on the radio, prompting me to seek out this collection. Like Nico does northern - incredibly quirky and catchy and a sign of things to come. Some tracks are cool and funky variations of the big band sound, like Guenter Noris’ ‘Gemini’ which operates in Ramsey Lewis territory and Fredy Brock’s ‘Beat It’, featuring a class JB style rhythm section. Best topping those is Orchester Helmuth Brandenburg’s ‘Moving Out’, not a far cry from the Starsky and Hutch theme! There’s the annoyingly catchy ‘Marihuana Mantra’ with its driving guitar and chant-like chorus or the fuzz-pop of Bill Ramsey’s ‘An Unknown Quantity’. And check out the breezy 60s pop of Marianne Mendt’s ‘Wie A Glock’n’ or the more sleazy ‘Pussy Baby’ by Bill Lawrence. Talking of 60s pop, I love Heidi Bruehl’s ‘Berlin’ - almost like a soundtrack piece, complete with great psych guitar solo (rumoured to be from Jimmy Page!). And for a piece of driving hammond, The Boots’ ‘Alexander’ hits the spot.

And there’s tracks that have already become sought-after collectors’ grooves. Check out ‘Why Don’t You Play The Organ, Man’ by Memphis Black - a monster funk piece. And feel the groove on the opening of ‘Sunday Love Affair’ by Orchester Frank Pleyer. More mainstream funk comes courtesy of Erwin Halletz, with ‘Das Stundenhotel Von St Pauli’ - a blue movie soundtrack inevitably! A track that has already been lifted wholesale is ‘Bodybuilding’ by Orchester Werner Mueller - re-worked by Bentley Rhythm Ace into a hit single a few years back. And no album of this nature would be complete without a bonkers covers version - enter Peter Thomas with his early synth and brass take on ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’.

20 tracks - no filler and one of the best booklets I’ve had the pleasure to read in a long time. A fantastic trip through the German underground of the 60s and early 70s and an album I just can’t recommend enough.

Just Playing Volume 1 and it is very good.
It reminds me of an amphonic library sort of sound mixed with the beat at cinecitta stuff...very groovy indeed.

Links posted without permission...so get these comps while they are hot!

Vol2 http://rapidshare.com/files/201602357/In_Kraut_2.zip
Vol3 http://rapidshare.com/files/201603716/In_Kraut_3.zip

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Magic Mixture - This is Magic Mixture Saga Records 1968

Here's the Magic Mixture Album from 1968

The liner notes on this reissue call the original 1968 album by the Magic Mixture "one of the most cherished artifacts of British psychedelia.” If you appraise records merely by their scarcity, then maybe that statement’s true. By all other standards, however, the sole release from this short-lived and largely unremembered band is mediocre.

At their best, as on "Urge to Leave,” the Magic Mixture summon up early Zombies comparisons, albeit without the pop sensibility. Prominent Hammond organ and earnest, amateur vocals by frontman/songwriter Terry Thomas rescue the 12 originals from stale city. Unfortunately, the songs themselves are mostly unremarkable, the production merely muddy rather than psychedelic, and the Clapton-lite guitar solos unnecessary. The latter sin tends to really drag down faster numbers like "You" that, with a lighter touch, could pass for a decent freakbeat single. Elsewhere, the dreamy ballad "Living on a Hill" meanders prettily but goes nowhere. The net result sounds less like a psych record than a performance by a mid-’60s stoned British bar band.

The album is chiefly remembered for "Motorbike Song,” a novelty number sung in what the liner notes take pains to tell me is a Somerset, rather than a Cockney accent. Though the comedic value is lost on this American, it’s notable that this is the only track on the album where the band sound like they’re having fun, exchanging their drug-addled haze for a deliberately primitive, almost Stooges sound.

The six hitherto-unreleased bonus tracks are interesting in that they showcase what the band were capable of doing with better material. In particular, organist Stan Curtis is given a chance to stretch out on covers of Spirit, Blood Sweat & Tears and Traffic, but Thomas sounds stretched. Rock historians may also note that two of the bonus tracks feature drummer Simon Kirke, who went on to dubious success in ‘70s bands Free and Bad Company.

Diehard collectors of ‘60s British rock will probably be happy that This is the Magic Mixture is back. Those looking for a classic timepiece worthy of mythic status, however, will surely be disappointed.


Five Day Week Straw People - Saga Records 1967

One of the rarer and more expensive of the saga records bunch released in 1967 here's some background:
This CD is actually a reissue of the self-titled 1968 album by the Five Day Week Straw People, who, like the Attack, featured guitarist John Du Cann. However, it's also about as much an Attack album as a Five Day Week Straw People album, since nine of the 19 songs are 1967-1968 era Attack demos, added to the CD as bonus tracks. It's fair, but no more than fair, British mod-psychedelia, catching the very beginning of the moment when U.K. psych started to head in a consciously heavy direction. Two of the cuts, "Freedom for You" and "Feel Like Flying," would have been the fifth Attack single had they not been dropped by Decca, and "Freedom for You" is certainly one of the best things they recorded, with a breathless, hard pop tempo and pretty good minor-key harmonies. For the most part it's pretty standard period British pop-psych, with some of the more serious and louder numbers indicating that the group might have been pretty intense Cream fans. Occasionally, as on "Magic in the Air," there's that fruity, childlike British whimsy characteristic of many pop-psychedelic hybrids from that short but intense period of British pop. This shouldn't be taken as a definitive representation of the Attack sound, though, as it has nothing from their four 1967-1968 Decca singles; most of the tracks from those have shown up on various artist compilations. Incidentally, the Five Day Week Straw People album that precedes the Attack material on this disc is likewise average period British psychedelia. It's pretty similar to the Attack demos, but a tad artier, as the songs fit into a loose concept of vignettes in the lives of average British people during a typical weekend. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

Get it Here http://www.mediafire.com/?3lzx5eyggag

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Velvet Tinmine: 20-1970'S Junk Shop Glam Ravers and Glitterbest-20 Pre Punk and Glam Terrace Stompers

LINK http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DRXJ6SW5

Thanks to Cosmic Hearse for letting me share this quality rip !
Lots of Cheese here 70"s Junk Shop Style with a sprinkle of Glitter and Builders wearing Lipstick.
This is a great comp if ever I heard one. I have a link to another volume called Glitterbest which I will fish out possibly later.Summer wouldn't be complete without this..play loud and STOMP like it is going out of fashion,this gets ten cheese points and a thumbs up from me..Rock On!!
Enjoy !

Here is Review from Amazon
By A Customer
Arguably glam rock is the least regarded pop genre to emerge in the last 50 years or so (although folk rock might run it a close second) so how bad must be the glam rock records that bombed even when glam was king? The surprisng answer, after listening to this cheeky compilation, is actually not bad at all. The line notes are fun, and just the right side of tongue in cheek, to leave you unsure whether this entire project isn't meant as the most collosal joke. And yet, as is pointed out, these bands and tracks do represent some sort of pure pop ideal. They arrived overnight, no agenda, no tedious "development", no slick marketing (no marketing at all in some cases) and a do it yourself philosophy that is pure punk. The sleevenotes also give a scholarly history of glam, and the three "great" glam traditions: art school rock (David Bowie, T Rex, Roxy Music etc), the "Chinnichap" teeny bands (Suzi Quatro, Sweet) and most bizarrely, and disturbingly of all, the "brickies in mascara" phenomenon and the stomping "West Midlands Sound"(Slade, Mud). Junkshop examples of all three will be found on the compilation. I've always felt that glam rock principally developed to service the needs of the footwear industry. Viz, while wearing stack soles of any height, the wearer soon discovers that only two sorts of dancing are possible: a stepping forward and stepping back dance, and a dance where you stand still and stomp one foot on the ground. Glam tunes are perfect for these moves, but that is about all. I'm also reminded on the comment about the early 18th century "graveyard school" of English poets by Kenneth Clarke to the effect that within a few years of the fashion all possible combinations of owls, ivy and moonlight had been exhausted. Read the same for glam lyrics except substitute "rebels", "revolution" and "school". Overall, enormous fun and great for pricking the pomposity of muso-snob friends

Here's a link to the other volume I mentioned which is cool too...if you have links/rips to other volumes please post them in the comments.


Some Tunes I Dug Up Last Night-Will Rip the rarer ones soon.

Been a while since I dusted off some heavy duty records,so last night I got home and decided to have a rock and roll rummage through the archives haha.

From the top corner..MC5-Kick out the Jams a classic late 60's bonanza,The Who-BBC bootleg,Silver Chapter-Teenage Screamer on Sonic Booms Bop a Sonic label the 7"Artwork is even cooler,13th Floor Elevators-Bull of the Woods,Ultra Vivid Scene-Debut,British Psychedelic Trip Vol 3,Up All night-30 Northern Soul Classics,British Psychedelic Trip Vol 1,The Harry Roche Constellation-In Orbit,American Spring-Spring Plus (produced by Brian Wilson),The Stones-Aftermath,Nancy and Lee-Did You Ever,Nico-Chelsea Girl,Spacemen 3-Playing With Fire(Embossed Sleeve),Spacemen 3-Taking Drugs(Played Twice Still Shrink Wrapped),British Psychedelic Trip Vol 4,The First Impression-The Beat Club (on saga and has the saga inner bag which is pretty cool),Carolyn Franklin-Baby Dynamite (Aretha's Sister),Russ Sainty-Lennon and McCartney(On Saga so it has to be good),MC5-Back in the USA,Buddah In Mind-Various Buddah Artists from Bubblegum to Funk,The Button Down Brass feat Ray Davies and His Funky Trumpet,Nancy and Lee,Beach Boys-Pet Sounds,Loop-Heaven's End,Lee Hazelwood-Love and Other Crimes (Awesome Stuff),Alan Moorehouse and his Bond Street Brigade (Has a track called Funky Fever which is amazing),13th Floor Elevators-Psychedelic Sound Of,Swinging London featuring The Good Earth and First Impression on Saga (I love this record and the other pressing with Russ Sainty)MC5-High Time,Birdland-Hollow Heart (Promo),Ultra Vivid Scene-Mercy Seat

For some reason some of the tunes on the edges have been squeezed off,Over the next few weeks I am going to rip a ton of records for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Instant Garage Vol 1

Good Intro to Psych and 60's Punk and has one of my favorite tracks She-Outta Reach...that track is in my top 10 desert island discs,straight forward garage compilation no frills-most of these you will already know and love.

There's some real belters on here so play loud and "Kick out the Jams!"

(1) http://www.linkbucks.com/link/2baba5cd
(2) http://www.linkbucks.com/link/3be16780

Password is hangover

1. Kick Out the Jams (MC5)
2. I Had Too Much to Dream (THE ELECTRIC PRUNES)
3. Psycho (THE SONICS)
4. Personality Crisis (NEW YORK DOLLS)
5. Shortnin' Bread (THE READY MEN)
6. To Die Alone (THE BUSH)
8. Wastin' My Time (THE EXPRESS)
9. My Daddy Walked in Darkness (GIL BATEMAN)
10. Seven & Seven is (LOVE)
11. Flash & Crash (ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS)
12. Outta Reach (SHE)
13. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend - demo (RAMONES)
14. Milk Cow Blues (THE KINKS)
15. Black Winds (LITTLE JOHN & THE MONKS)
16. No reason to Complain (THE ALARM CLOCKS)
17. Psychotic Reaction (THE COUNT FIVE)
18. Trick Bag (ARTESIANS)
19. Jailhouse Rock (DEAN CARTER)
20. Again & Again (THE IGUANAS)
21. Open My Eyes (THE NAZZ)
22. Dirty Robber (THE WAILERS)
24. The Girl Can't Dance (BUNKER HILL)
25. Train Kept a Rollin' (BRAVE NEW WORLD)
26. Baby Please Don't go (THE AMBOY DUKES)
27. Rat's Revenge Part. 2 (THE RATS)
28. Sometimes You Just Can't Win (MOUSE & THE TRAPS)

45 rpm The The - The Singles Collection

The The 45 RPM Compilation of Singles and Remixes...so good it hurts!
Listening to the remixes is weird as the originals are so ingrained in my mind from my childhood it was difficult at first to get my ears around them, so you may need to play them a few times and recondition your ear drums a little bit.

The album is well worth a listen hope you enjoy it.

Disc one
1. Uncertain Smile (Original version)
2. Perfect (Original version)
3. Sweet Bird Of Truth
4. Infected
5. Heartland
6. Armageddon Days (are here again)
7. The Beat(en) Generation
8. Dogs of Lust
9. Slow Emotion Replay
10. Love is Stronger than Death
11. This is the Day
12. I Saw the Light
13. December Sunlight
14. Pillar Box Red
15. Deep Down Truth

Disc two
1. Uncertain Smile (12 remix)
2. Perfect (12 remix)
3. Sweet Bird of Truth (12 remix)
4. Infected (12 remix)
5. Armageddon Days (are here again) (12 remix)
6. Violence of Truth (12 remix)
7. Gravitate to Me (12 remix)
8. Dogs of Lust (12 remix)


Alien Dreamtime Space Time with Terence McKenna

This came out around 93 as a video and audio the video can be seen on google but it looks very dated in my opinion the graphics are like zx spectrum style.
However as an ambient audio this is perfect and hasn't dated at all and the lyrics about the IMF,the end of human history and the World Bank are pretty prophetic to say the least...so best hurry up and give it a listen before the whole shithouse goes up in flames ☺☠

Up there with UFOrb and other Ambient Classics from back in the day.

Here's a link enjoy http://rs224.rapidshare.com/files/62356654/BOEth300SC-Ad.zip
Alien Dreamtime
Words - Terence McKenna
Visuals - Rose X
Music - Spacetime Continuum
Didgeridu - Stephen Kent

Alien Dreamtime was produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993.

The performance is divided into three movements, each reflective of Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love and Time Wave Zero.
McKenna's presence is combined with the neo-psychedelic visuals of Rose X and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeridusita, Stephen Kent.
Take a trip without breaking the law.
about Alien Dreamtime:

(Alien Dreamtime)... would turn even Timothy Leary straight. - Billboard Magazine
Alien Dreamtime comes closer to replicating a psychedelic experience than anything else we've ever seen. - Brain Mind Bulletin
This video is a phenethylamine-drenched, techno-primitive extravaganza, par excellence. - Howard Rheingold in Whole Earth Review.
Event of the year. - Urb Magazine

Average. Amazon Customer Review: 5 Stars

"My friend gave me a warning before popping this tape in, that it might be a bit intoxicating. That was one of the biggest understatements I have ever heard."

"I highly recommend this video for anyone who needs a little vacation from reality & some
healthy affirmation of the spirit of mankind."

Captured live in San Francisco this event dissolves distinctions between performance art, rave, shamanic ritual, and inspired oratory. Terence McKenna pulls out his multimedia mojo bag and becomes raver, storyteller and psychedelic tourguide bringing all on a howling, transdimensional ride into some inexplicably weird territory. Backed by Stephen Kent's whirling didgeridoo, live video scratching by Rose X, and ambient loops by Spacetime Continuum, we are shuttled back 15,000 summers ago to the mushroom induced ecstasy on the African savannah, propelled into alien landscape of the DMT flash inhabited by hyperdimensional, self-transforming, machine elves, and left to ponder the mysteries of the psychedelic experience, the future of the human species, and its forward escape out of history. All in all, a wonderous, intensely trippy and enlightening adventure.

Hopeful, visionary, enlightened, stimulating, mind-expanding media upon which the viewer parks his ego/social games at the door and steps into wonderfully bizarre and edifying territory, indeed.

This dvd is a must have for anyone who trips. Watch this dvd while your peaking, its got so many visuals with Terence McKenna talking in the backround (this was also made live in san francisco) There is also a Diggereedoo in the backround (the australian instrument) and it really completes the package.

In a word - amazing, but like the psilocybin and dmt expereinces discussed, words cannot describe it. McKenna was an amazing man and will be sincerely missed. Alien Dreamtime is an adventure all its own - not only do we have one of Terence McKenna's vivid and insightful speaches, it is accompanied by the perfect didj music of Space Time Continuum and crazy trippy visuals - not the synthetic ... kind that look acid inspired, beautiful shroom inspired sights made me wonder whether or not they were in my head!

Great graphics, interesting music, brilliant narration. This is a live show. It might be too trippy for some. But I thought it was great.

For anyone interested in human consiousness, psychology, botany (study of plants), and for anyone who likes psychoactive plats. Awesome speaker I have watched this 5 times! I showed all my friends, this is like no other movie out there, cannot explain you must watch it, and pay attention to what he says. This is my new favorite movie!

This tape is not for everyone.
It is for people who have ventured into psychedelic spaces. The visuals are extraordinary, the music hypnotic. McKenna preaches some good sense and some of his wacky ideas (my opinion, of course; others might find his speculations convincing and I respect that even though I use a pejorative term)of time speeding up, etc.

But overall, it's quite an eye and ear feast for people who are... well, like me.

Viva la Psychedelia!

Terence McKenna

Swinging London: The Accidental Genius of Saga Records 1968-1970

Here's a review of the Saga Accidental Genius Compilation featuring a few of my Saga records heros !
I will do a rip of the CD in a few days so pop back.

Review by Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

In the late 1960s and early '70s, the British budget label Saga recorded numerous albums designed to cash in on U.K. pop/rock-psychedelic trends. The LPs were quickie exploitation jobs, but as is often the case with such productions, some reasonably genuine stuff couldn't help sneaking through and finding status among serious '60s collectors decades later. This quite unusual compilation gathers 25 tracks that were scattered across numerous Saga releases, the common denominator being that all of them were plugged into British mod rock and psychedelia to some degree. It almost goes without saying that none of these songs were hits, and that very few of them are known even to veteran British '60s collectors, though some might be familiar with the Five Day Week Straw People, the Magic Mixture, and the Blackbirds (the last actually a German group whose material Saga managed to issue for the U.K. market). A few recognizable musicians do pop up here and there, even if the culprits most likely wouldn't mind having these relics buried deep within their résumés, including Mungo Jerry's Ray Dorset (here part of Good Earth), future Fairport Convention bassist Dave Pegg (as part of the Dave Peace Quartet), and original Fleetwood Mac bassist Bob Brunning (as part of Five's Company). As you also might expect, the actual music's not nearly as interesting as it is rare, since much of it's either heavily derivative and/or obviously trying to latch on to fashionable Swinging London-type grooves and the lighter side of psychedelia. Approached with the right level of expectations, however, that doesn't mean there aren't some fun or at least amusing moments along the way, if you're a fan of those genres and have at least a little irreverent humor about the styles' excesses and naïveté. With one exception, you wouldn't say that anything here is a lost gem, but a good number of the tracks are fairly groovy in different and sometimes off-the-wall ways. Those cuts would include the Blackbirds' downright creepy "She," with its horror movie organ and Dracula-like vocals; the Dave Moses Group's cool, Latin-tinged, organ-based go-go lounge instrumental, "Quite Fast"; Linda & Noel's quite accomplished slice of toy town psych pop, "Mr. Bantam's Fair"; New World's strange heavy psych adaptation of "Scheherezade"; Shake 26's hard-charging instrumental "Underground Set," which bisects mod rock and heavy psychedelia; Five Day Week Straw People's ridiculously echo-smothered "Sunday Morning" (not the Velvet Underground song!); and Magical Mixture's dreamy "Moon Beams," perhaps the one cut on the CD that can hold its own as a legitimate first-rate piece of U.K. psychedelic buried treasure. Others are just OK, or generic or even subpar, though sometimes in a manner that lovers of kitsch might appreciate. Stefan Granados' lengthy liner notes dig up more information about these obscure budget releases than anyone would have thought possible.

I got this CD yesterday and there is so many tracks I would have picked that don't get a mention on here...good to have Saga stuff on a CD though and it has quite a few tracks that I don't have on record yet.

Just fished out the Katch 22 lp and found a swinging london postcard inside which I had forgotten about here is a few cool saga records together.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Love affair with Saga Records

My love affair with the saga records sixties sound happened over 20 years ago a when a friend of a friend had done a mix tape featuring some of the saga groups off Swinging London as well as pop sike gems like Happy Castle by Crochet Donut Ring and KidRock's Ice Cream Man from the Bam Caruso Rubble Series and that I suppose changed my outlook on music and opened up a whole new world of sounds,it was like nothing I had heard of before and I was hooked.

As far as I know the label originally released brass,bossa nova cover versions and that sorta thing and the records where not usually on sale in record stores...instead they had them on rails in chemists and newsagents...not sure why but thats what I read somwhere.

The music although slightly amateur just has a really quirky appeal that I can't explain.

First off I came across the swinging london compilations (I love the Artwork) these are a must have and came out around 1972 ish (When Swinging London was no more) both of these are just so cool and feature the likes off Russ Sainty,The Good Earth and The First Impression there is a slight variation in tracklistings this was down to Mungo Jerrys contractual obligations so he was replaced by Russ Sainty.

Next up I found the Katch 22 album Pop Rock and Allsorts which has a cool prototype Stone Roses style sleeve and later found Russ Sainty's Beatle covers LP and to top it of got The Beat Club by The First Impression...I am unsure why my fascination with SAGA records is still so strong but it just is, thanks SAGA Records.

I will do a pic of them all together one of the days I pasted these off the net : )

Here's my prized email from Russ Sainty
Hi Jason,
Thank you so much for your contact and kind words.
Yes its quite ironic really, since the origional recording session i did when doing those Beatles numbers has been used in so many different ways, and on different Albums, and in all have sold millions of copies all over the world, however, i was not able to get a hit with the many singles i did through the sixties. The sad thing for me is, that i only took a small fee for doing the six hour recording session, rather than a royalty ???? Oh dear, " yes i have regreted that, as you can imagin.
Did you know i have recently had my life story published ?
Its called " KING OF THE CALI " "A Lifetime In Rock n Roll", by Russ Sainty. Its published by www.book-castle.co.uk or can be ordered from any book shop, or via the net on Amazon Books. Its a quality book with around 250 photo etc. etc. its nostalgic and im told by feed back , a very interesting read !!
Thanks again Jason for your contact,
my very best wishes
Still Rockin !!! Russ Sainty

Giorgio Moroder-From Here to Eternity

This is a cool album of 70's Disco Madness,the Title track was stolen by Sonic Boom as a template for his Classic "How You Satisfy Me" and I think Sonic used to wear a Moroder badge If I remember rightly on the cover of his 1st album.


From Here to Eternity is Moroder's quasi-instrumental masterpiece, a continuous mix of banging Eurodisco complete with vocoder effects and this statement on the back cover: "Only electronic keyboards were used on this recording." The metallic beats, high-energy impact, and futuristic effects prove that Moroder was ahead of his time like few artists of the 1970s (Kraftwerk included), and the free-form songwriting on tracks like "Lost Angeles," "First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love," and the title track are priceless.

Deep Throat Soundtrack-Anthology 1 & 2

I love a good soundtrack so here is the score to the 70's Classic  porn flick DEEP THROAT.
One of the first pornographic films to feature a plot, character development and relatively high production standards, Deep Throat earned mainstream attention and launched the "
porn chic" trend despite the film's being banned in some regions and the subject of obscenity trials.

The Music is just top Drawer a mix of fuzz guitars,easy,sleazy and gets the sweetbeats thumbs up...stand out track has got to be Bubbles.... Just Click on the Text and Enjoy.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pure Phase - Spiritualized

Been a fan of Spiritualized from day one and this has been on my mp3 constantly all week it is just an amazing album and worth tracking down if you didn't hear it first time round.
For me it's got the right mix of laid back songs as well as uptempo ones with a few drones stuck in between for good measure...stand out track for me is the slide song...the lyrics are class and the song has a simple melody to die for.


Toffee Sunday Smash 60's Psch Pop Radio

Check this guy out Andy Morten and his Toffee Sunday Smash podcasts...this man certainly knows his music and there's a whole library of previous podcasts that you can wade through Enjoy ! web.mac.com/andymorten/iWeb/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html

Thursday, March 05, 2009


I was never a massive fan of Felt in the 80's but love the stuff that Lawrence has released as Denim.
Still missing Denim on Ice Album but love the Debut CD "Back in Denim" and "Novelty Rock" both are cool and so is his Go Kart Mozart stuff.
What I like about Denim is it is all so carefree,fun and doesn't take itself too seriously which to me is refreshing as most modern plop has non of the qualities I have mentioned. Novelty Rock has some real gems on there and has been on the gramaphone alot at sweetbeats manor,perfect summer fun.

Novelty Rock link

Nancy Sinatra

Been a big fancy of Nancy since I heard Sugar Town as a kid and that track takes me back to summers past.
Got quite a few original Albums of hers from the 60's mainly picked up at junk stores in the 80's my favourite is probably the "Movin' with Nancy"Lp which cost around 20p at the time,the sleeve weighs a ton and feels like a real record : )
Check her website out there's some cool pics of her from Back In the Day.
www.nancysinatra.com she does a fans chat online on a friday...hmmm not my bag but if it's yours say hello from me. I also have the Lee Hazelood Love and Other Crimes which is worth a listen.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Todays Listening

Pebbles 2...my fave in the Pebbles series loved this for many years and never get bored of it...there's a few of the pebbles comps that are average and run of the mill(not many)..this isn't one of them : )
I love every track on here and the classic "Vox Wah Wah Pedal" advert appears on this Lp courtesy of The Electric Prunes and also features some classic stompers from The Moving Sidewalks and The Road.

Every pebbles album can be found at http://faintlyblowing.blogspot.com/ as well as a host of other vintage psych delights while your there get the brit psych trips volumes 1-4.

He's back..He's Back in DENIM !!

Back after 3 years just need to figure how to share my tunage and we will roll together and have some fun along the way.